We are able to provide Bookkeeping and Financial Services for Texas Special Districts, including Municipal Utility Districts, Levee Improvement Districts, Management Districts, Improvement Districts, Emergency Services Districts and more.  

Our high standards, along with our experienced staff, allow us to provide consistency and responsiveness with immediate turn-around on requests from the BOD and other consultants.

Our advantage is our people and the bandwidth that we have available.  We are committed to serving our clients and never over-committing ourselves, your district is our priority.

With Artesian, you will have the full attention of our staff and dedicated professionals.

We understand the gravity and importance of deadlines and the significant penalties that could be incurred because of missing them. We have developed a system using SharePoint that ensures that all deadlines are met, and that information is accessible and addressed as tasks are generated.

Experience with All Types of Districts


Our team has managed and provided Bookkeeping services for many districts no matter the complexity! Including Emergency Services Districts, Utility Districts, Management Districts, Drainage Districts, and MUD Master Districts. These districts all have the same thing in common, many different funds for general operating, debt service, and multiple purpose CPF and debt service (Road, Drainage, Parks, etc).

They all provide regional water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, park, road drainage, and other facilities necessary to execute the duties and obligations of their Political Subdivisions. Each one required managing expenditures for bonds and developing elaborate spreadsheets for tracking funds with multiple developers, multiple entities to be billed, and many consultants that are involved in very large-scale projects.

We are currently available for submitting proposals for existing districts at any stage of development, including new creations to established districts.  Our team has the experience and skill set to provide skilled and knowledgeable bookkeepers that can provide complex tracking and reporting for your District!



Advanced Software

Provide bookkeeping services with a widely used advanced accounting software that allows for fullservice bookkeeping and financial-based reporting.


Network Protection

We use firewalls and encryption to protect our database while implementing security policies and practices. This includes enabling Multi-Factor Authentication as well as frequent password changes.


Disaster Recover

Your data is fully accessible from a remote location in the case of lost power due to hurricanes, rain events and more. We have a robust recovery plan with daily backups to multiple locations

Artesian Financial Services is ready to provide your district the best and most complete bookkeeping services.

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