Providing Bookkeeping and Financial Services for Texas Special Districts, including Municipal Utility Districts, Levee Improvement Districts, Management Districts, Improvement Districts, Emergency Services Districts and more!  

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How quickly can ARTESIAN transition to managing the books of our District if we switch Bookkeeping Firms? Will that cost our district additional money?

For Entities that have decided to move to ARTESIAN, a three-step process have been developed for the on-boarding of client information once the digital and paper files have been received.  While labor intensive at first, the historical information is extracted.  We are able to produce a simple report at your next meeting, then we continue to implement the remaining detail by the second or third month.  Going forward, the day-to-day maintenance of the system is much more efficient utilizing the tools we have implemented.   Hiring the most qualified individuals is key to our success and we continue to assess and recruit on a regular basis.

Do the staff meet the requirements set out by the State of Texas for training as an Investment Officer for Governmental Entities?

Yes, ARTESIAN has a Level One Investment Officer on staff.

Will we have staffing continuity?

Yes – We strive to maintain continuity in the delivery of service both in terms of staffing and in terms of workflow.  You will be assigned a bookkeeper to attend the meetings and oversee all reports and management of the account.  There is staff that supports the bookkeeper as part of our process management, this allows others to gain knowledge of your account and provide a backup if the need arises. While we are justifiably proud of the many years of experience our senior bookkeepers have amassed, we protect our clientele and the firm by having a procedure and workflow oriented approach to processing your financial information.  In this way, we insulate the system from personnel related issues.

Are you a member of a professional organization?

ARTESIAN maintains affiliations and memberships focused on the provision of services to the water industry as well as Texas Special Districts.

  • AWBD – Association of Water Board Directors -Texas

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