Our team has the experience and skill set to provide skilled and knowledgeable bookkeepers that can provide complex tracking and reporting for your District.

Lisa Rickert, President

With over 25 years of experience as a MUD board director, Lisa is a key figure at Artesian, representing the firm in client interactions and implementing crucial processes and bookkeeping practices in the Special Water District industry. She graduated cum laude from Tulane University with a degree in Computer Information Systems, bringing a fresh perspective to the Bookkeeping Industry.

Lisa’s dedication to public service extends beyond Artesian. She currently serves as a director on the board of Fort Bend MUD 139, actively contributing to community growth. From 2014 to 2018, she was a board member of the Association of Water Board Directors (AWBD), serving as Vice-President during that time. Lisa continues to contribute to the AWBD as a member of the Recognition Committee and as a speaker at AWBD conferences.

Outside of her professional commitments, Lisa is a member of St. Laurence Catholic Church and actively supports numerous non-profit organizations in her spare time. She enjoys gardening and embarking on enriching travel adventures, driven by her love for nature.

Lisa’s multifaceted background, combining extensive expertise as a MUD board director, academic excellence, and active community engagement, makes her an invaluable asset in the Special Water District bookkeeping industry.


Cara Sliva, Director of Client Relations

Cara, an esteemed graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting. She obtained her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification in 1987.

With over 7 years of experience in the water district industry, Cara has showcased exceptional proficiency in overseeing complex districts, including multiple master districts. She has effectively managed the transition of districts from previous bookkeeping firms, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and meticulous preparation for successful audits.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cara actively participates in community and philanthropic activities. She is a valued member and volunteer at Kingsland Baptist Church, and she has demonstrated her leadership skills as the president of the Katy Chapter of the National Charity League, embodying her commitment to making a positive difference.

Cara’s academic accomplishments, coupled with her extensive accounting experience, establish her as a highly esteemed professional in the bookkeeping industry. Her notable contributions to the water district sector, meticulous attention to detail, and active involvement in various community organizations exemplify her unwavering dedication to excellence and service.


Ashleigh Bass, Director 0f Account Management

Ashleigh brings five years of valuable expertise to Artesian, where she has successfully managed numerous districts. Her experience includes handling districts with demanding record-keeping requirements, including multiple master districts. Notably, she has excelled in establishing accounting records for newly created districts, showcasing her skill in configuring comprehensive systems.

Ashleigh plays a crucial role in preparing districts for audits, consistently maintaining complete and accurate records. She not only excels in record-keeping but also imparts her knowledge and skills to the company’s Bookkeepers, providing comprehensive training on audit preparation and other crucial aspects.

She is a distinguished alumna of Houston Baptist University, holding a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting. Her academic foundation, combined with her practical experience, has shaped her into a highly accomplished professional at Artesian.

Outside of work, Ashleigh embraces her adventurous spirit through travel, and outdoor activities like camping, which allow her to unwind and appreciate the natural world.

Ashleigh’s contributions, demonstrated by her adept management of districts, meticulous record-keeping, and commitment to professional development, establish her as a notable figure in the water district industry. Her dedication to accuracy, integrity, and continuous learning reflects her unwavering pursuit of excellence.



Debbie Depinet, Operations Manager

Debbie has a track record of over 20 years as a board member in multiple Municipal Utility Districts, showcasing her extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry.

Combining her background as a Systems Analyst and computer programmer, Debbie seamlessly integrates her skills in systems design and support with her bookkeeping knowledge. This unique blend enables her to deliver outstanding performance and provide invaluable support to the organization.

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Analysis from Miami University, Oxford Ohio, highlighting her commitment to academic excellence and technical proficiency.

With her profound knowledge, extensive experience, and expertise in systems design and support, Debbie is an invaluable professional. Her unwavering dedication to accuracy, financial integrity, and operational efficiency positions her as a trusted asset in driving success for Artesian Financial Services and contributing to its sustained growth.

Debbie is the Taysom Hill of Artesian, she can do everything!


Tia Wright, Accountant 

With over 20 years of experience as a Senior Accountant, Tia Wright brings a wealth of expertise to the table, including proficiency in land management software and GIS Services.

In her previous role, Tia provided comprehensive bookkeeping services to Special Water Districts, further enhancing her expertise in the field. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to accuracy, meticulous attention to detail, and a dedication to delivering exceptional client service.

Tia holds a distinguished Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, providing her with a strong academic foundation and a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and best practices.

With her extensive accounting experience, Tia Wright significantly contributes to the Artesian team. Her unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and providing value-added solutions establishes her as a highly valuable asset within the company.


Miranda Fuess, Accounting Specialist

Miranda brings over 5 years of industry experience to Artesian, with a diverse background in various roles within the Texas Special Districts industry. She has held positions as an office clerk, accounts payable clerk, and bookkeeper, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Miranda’s exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail significantly contribute to Artesian’s operational efficiency.

In addition to her professional experience, Miranda holds an impressive academic background. She has earned an Associate of Arts Degree and an Associate of Science Degree from Blinn College, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence. This further strengthens her expertise and ensures her ability to deliver exceptional performance in her role at Artesian.


Cindy Pereira, Administrative Assistant


Cindy brings a diverse range of experience to Artesian Financial Services. With a background of 5 years as a teacher and Team Leader at her school’s campus, she consistently exhibits exceptional management skills and the ability to lead teams to success.

Cindy’s organizational prowess and proficiency in computer applications greatly contribute to her effectiveness within Artesian.

Academically, Cindy holds a distinguished Bachelor of Music Education (BBE) degree from Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX. She has been recognized on the Dean’s List for two consecutive years and actively participated in the HBU Husky’s band, where she served as the Woodwind Section Leader and Conductor.

With her diverse skill set and solid educational foundation, Cindy is an invaluable asset to Artesian Financial Services.




Tina Johnston, Bookkeeper

Tina is an experienced AP Specialist with a strong background in diverse accounts payable tasks, including real estate, ranch, and personal investment. Previously, she served as a full-charge office manager and bookkeeper for a residential and commercial construction company. Tina holds an Associates Degree in Literature with a Minor in Business from Blinn College, Brenham, TX, and is a bonded Texas Notary.

With her expertise in accounts payable, financial management, and real estate operations, Tina consistently provides exceptional attention to detail, fostering operational efficiency. She is dedicated to the success and growth of Artesian Financial Services, ensuring accurate financial transactions, nurturing strong vendor relationships, and supporting the achievement of overall financial objectives.


Millie Dunmire, Bookkeeper






Joy White, Bookkeeper

Bill Rickert, Advisory Consultant

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